• @ymcacw: Healthy Kids Day AND the grand reopening of our Clark County Y all in one day!” 3 days ago
  • Remember all the practical jokes I’ve played on you? I’m almost done. 3 days ago
  • To change a life you have to change a lifestyle. When I did, I left behind disease, decay & 135# That was over 11 yrs ago, so glad I did! 3 days ago

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  • Contemplating a career change? Rainer Maria Rilke: Think of the world you carry within you. 86 days ago
  • John G. Whittier: For all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: it might have been – Join us- 12 Week Health transformation 91 days ago
  • Hannah Senesh: We all need something to believe in, something that elicits wholehearted enthusiasm..coaching people to health fits that bill 94 days ago

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  • Any active users? January 2, 2014
    Come on in. Any active users? Are moderators still active on here? I saw Nancy's story on a medifast page and thought I would check in to see if anything new was going on over here. more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 976 Views Post by sidrah […]
  • Re: I'm back January 2, 2014
    Come on in. Re: I'm back I am also still on, but since it is so quiet, usually in and out pretty quickly. I got my order a few weeks ago and am kind of waiting til tmrw to start. Too many people here all week. I am so busy, but this should ... more ... Statistics : 3 Replies || 1404 Views Last post by sidrah […]
  • Re: I am returning November 7, 2013
    Come on in. Re: I am returning Hi guys, I'm also returning...after 4 years and all the weight back on, I'm pretty frustrated. But Medifast worked before, it will again,right? I love reading your posts, I know I'm not alone this time. :-) more ... Statistics : 11 Replies || 1176 Views Last post by farrelllm […]

Welcome to MakeMeThinner

Visit our Medifast Weight Loss Support Forum
Is there an answer for Americans living in a world of nutritional pollution?

Millions are trapped in an obesigenic world that robs them of health, vitality and self-worth.

Statistics reveal that two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. It has become an epidemic in America. With fast food restaurants on virtually every street corner and the lines stretching into the streets while people wait to place their orders at the drive-up window, how do we convey that it IS possible to reclaim health and pursue optimal health in spite of our hectic lifestyles?

The purpose of our blog is to introduce you to the Healthy Habits that will assist you in attaining a healthy weight and beyond. This implies we must take personal responsibility in following the strategies that lead to life-long health. Nancy and I have also discovered that in using the Medifast products in our weight loss journey we were involved in more than a diet. In July, 2002, we began our weight loss journey. Our experience in our own personal health revolution was further enhanced by our discovery of the Trilogy of Health as we became Health Coaches taking health to America. The Trilogy involves…

  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Finances

MakeMeThinner.Com is a home-based business that reaches into every state in our country as well as areas outside the USA. It was birthed on July 15, 2002 when my wife Nancy and I began our weight loss journey to renew our health by incorporating proven strategies and tools (unbeknownst to us, and most overweight Americans, prior to July 15th, 2002) that form the foundation for permanent weight control.

TSFL Incentive Trip Cancun Mex - 03-09
MakeMeThinner is as Independent Health Coaching Business organization partnered with Take Shape For Life, the coaching arm of Medifast, Inc. These nutritionally-balanced meal replacement products are an effective vehicle for confronting the challenges of the high calorie, high glycemic meals we find so readily available in America today.

Our mission is to lead the wellness revolution in helping Americans “reclaim” their health, to live well and to live well longer. We are a growing segment of a bio-network of Health Coaches and Health Professionals promoting weight loss and Optimal Health and wellness using safe, effective, non-intrusive, nutritional intervention. When treated with appropriate nutrition, our bodies have an innate ability to begin the road to restoration. Ours is a non-drug and non-surgery approach – imagine! Wellness occurring without surgical and/or drug intervention! This is contrary to what we often find in the current medical delivery system – which may be more appropriately labeled ‘sick-care’, not health care.

Are you up to the challenge of reclaiming your health?

Are you prepared to Take Shape For Life?

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Medifast New Products Review November 15th, 2011

We enjoyed the Citrus Blend for breakfast and the Chocolate Chip Cookie and the Sloppy Joe were definitely popular items.

Sundance official first meeting 10-2011

Dr Andersen and Dan Bell have structured all major TSFL training events to take the most advantage of leadership gathering from all parts of the country. The first official meeting is the Executive Team. It is the top functioning leadership body for the TSFL field team. The Executive Team is composed of all the Presidential [...]

TSFL Sundance Leadership event 10-2011

Dr A designated the Sundance Leadership event, always held in the fall of the year, as a time of inspiration and creative growth for the up and coming TSFL leaders seeking to build a successful Take Shape For Life business.

Nancy Featured by TSFL in Wall Street Journal Advertisement

Hi All, Our own Nancy Pettit was featured by Take Shape For Life in the Wall Street Journal. To view her reply: Click Here To see a copy of the article: Click Here

Habits of Health Maintenance Call

For a number of years Nancy has been the moderator for the Take Shape For Life Habits of Health Maintenance Call. She shares with her national audience the third Wednesday of each month. Often she has a guest who has a tremendous success story to share with her audience. We discovered from the very beginning [...]