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  • It’s the 3rd week of the Meltdown Challenge. The engaged members of the MakeMeThinner Team are heading to the Winner’s Circle. 47 days ago
  • Meltdown Challenge… 48 days ago
  • B.J. Marshall: “Every moment of your life, including this one, is a fresh start.” No body wants to relive a warmed over yesterday-Live today 80 days ago

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  • Any active users? January 2, 2014
    Come on in. Any active users? Are moderators still active on here? I saw Nancy's story on a medifast page and thought I would check in to see if anything new was going on over here. more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 2796 Views Post by sidrah […]
  • Re: I'm back January 2, 2014
    Come on in. Re: I'm back I am also still on, but since it is so quiet, usually in and out pretty quickly. I got my order a few weeks ago and am kind of waiting til tmrw to start. Too many people here all week. I am so busy, but this should ... more ... Statistics : 3 Replies || 2822 Views Last post by sidrah […]
  • Re: I am returning November 7, 2013
    Come on in. Re: I am returning Hi guys, I'm also returning...after 4 years and all the weight back on, I'm pretty frustrated. But Medifast worked before, it will again,right? I love reading your posts, I know I'm not alone this time. :-) more ... Statistics : 11 Replies || 1740 Views Last post by farrelllm […]

NW Global Network

The NW Global Network was launched yesterday with a planning meeting attended by the Take Shape For Life Global and Presidential Directors in the Portland/Vancouver area. We’ve determine with the exponential growth occurring in our area that is was time to set a strategy for training all the new Health Coaches coming on board to [...]

TSFL Northwest Global Network

The Initial NW Global Network Meeting is now history. It has been a privilege for Nancy and I to be part of each evolutionary step that Take Shape For Life has gone through since its inception in January, 2003. We are now experiencing exponential growth with the monthly addition of new Health Coaches seeking to join Dr [...]

Order Info

Current Clients Click here to place your order! New Clients Congratulations on making the decision to reclaim your health. As certified TSFL health coaches we are dedicated to supporting you on your journey to optimal health. Why contact us before ordering? We are trained and certified by Take Shape For Life. We have personally acheived [...]

Take Shape For Life Maintenance Call-8-24-09

Nancy Pettit hosts the Wednesday night maintenance and transition call for Take Shape For Life.

Iowa Travels – Day 8…returning home

Heading home after eight days in Iowa. We decided to return by way of Wisconsin to Minneapolis. We crossed from Iowa to Wisconsin at Lansing, Iowa. We drove north to La Crosse where we crossed into Minnesota and drove on Interstate 90 and connected to Interstate 52 at Rochester, then up to Minneapolis. Our trip [...]

Iowa Travels – Day 7…evening

There are many Take Shape For Life information and support meetings being held throughout the United States each day. On every Wednesday evening, Lee Anderson and Adam Nevermann hold their meeting at the Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank in Waukon, Iowa. Tonight’s meeting was well attended. There were many of Lee and Adam’s clients and health coaches [...]

Iowa Travels – Day 7…morning

What a privilege to be visiting our team in Waukon, Iowa. This is the seventh day of our trip teaching and training our Take Shape For Life team here in the Midwest. In addition, we’ve enjoyed the people, the history, the wonderful sights of the agricultural element the people living in the heartland enjoy. We’ve discovered that even here in the [...]

Iowa Travels – Day 6

Today we took a little time off and headed north to ‘Harmony’, Minnesota, to enjoy another part of our ‘melting pot’ America, the Amish community. The Amish adhere to their religious heritage and seem to be very strictly aligned in this area with their beliefs. We headed north on Hwy 52 from Decorah and crossed [...]

Free Monthly Drawing

As stated on our Home page, the purpose of our MakeMeThinner blog is to introduce you to the Healthy Habits that will assist you to attain and manage a healthy weight and improve your health. This implies taking personal responsibility by following the strategies that lead to life-long health. In addition, Nancy and I have discovered having the correct nutritional approach coupled with a personal Take Shape For Life [...]

Iowa Travels – Day 3

Nancy  and I awakened a little apprehensive this morning. Today is the 5k run which the event organizers call the 5k Elvelopet. Everything has a Norwegian twist to it during the Nordic Fest. In fact, walking around today and speaking with many of the people attending this weekend, I noticed that many of them didn’t speak [...]