Habits of Health Maintenance Call

[singlepic id=1014 w=320 h=240 float=left]For a number of years Nancy has been the moderator for the Take Shape For Life Habits of Health Maintenance Call. She shares with her national audience the third Wednesday of each month. Often she has a guest who has a tremendous success story to share with her audience. We discovered from the very beginning that The Take Shape For Life program is NOT a diet. It doesn’t leave you speculating what to do once you reach your healthy weight goals. The Take Shape For Life program is a comprehensive program that gave us the tools we needed to not only achieve our healthy weight but to maintain it since February of 2003! Since then, with the assistance of our MakeMeThinner team, we have assisted thousands to achieve their health goals.

Nancy enjoys having a national platform to help others understand the correct progression of transition on to the wonderful life of maintenance. In her national calls, she helps individuals on the Take Shape For Life program understand the importance of learning and practicing the BeSlim Habits of Health; Breakfast – Exercise – Support – Low Fat Meals Every Three Hours – Individual Plan, and – Monitor. Nancy discusses some aspect of these healthy habits on each of her Maintenance Calls. She moderates the Habits of Health Maintenance Call every third Wednesday at 5pm (PST). You can listen and participate by dialing 1-512-225-9427 followed by the pin code 77421#.

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